(?), n. pl. [OE. tidinge, tiinge, tidinde, from or influenced by Icel. tindi; akin to Dan. tidende, Sw. tidning, G. zeung, AS. tdan to happen, E. betide, tide. See Tide, v. i. & n.] Account of what has taken place, and was not before known; news.
[1913 Webster]

I shall make my master glad with these tidings.
[1913 Webster]

Full well the busy whisper, circling round,
Conveyed the dismal tidings when he frowned.
[1913 Webster]

Although tidings is plural in form, it has been used also as a singular. By Shakespeare it was used indiscriminately as a singular or plural.
[1913 Webster]

Now near the tidings of our comfort is.
[1913 Webster]

Tidings to the contrary
Are brought your eyes.
[1913 Webster]

Syn. -- News; advice; information; intelligence. -- Tidings, News. The term news denotes recent intelligence from any quarter; the term tidings denotes intelligence expected from a particular quarter, showing what has there betided. We may be indifferent as to news, but are always more or less interested in tidings. We read the news daily; we wait for tidings respecting an absent friend or an impending battle. We may be curious to hear the news; we are always anxious for tidings.
[1913 Webster]

Evil news rides post, while good news baits.
[1913 Webster]

What tidings dost thou bring?
[1913 Webster]


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