(?), v. To treat harshly or unfairly. [wns=1]
[WordNet 1.6]

2. To hit something or somebody with or as if with a sandbag. [wns=2]
[WordNet 1.6]

3. To protect or strengthen with sandbags; stop up; as, the residents sandbagged the beach front. [wns=3]
[WordNet 1.6]

4. To thwart (another person's plans) by surreptitious maneuvers; as, he sandbagged my proposal by talking in private with other members of the committee. [informal]

5. To intimidate or coerce, especially by crude methods. [Informal]

6. To deceive and take advantage of (a person) by misrepresenting one's true intentions. [Informal]

7. Hence: (Poker) To encourage opponents into betting more by first refraining from betting while having a strong hand, and only later raising the stakes. In informal games, certain types of sandbagging are forbidden.


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