(?), n. [Quake + mire.] Soft, wet, miry land, which shakes or yields under the feet. "A spot surrounded by quagmires, which rendered it difficult of access." Palfrey.
[1913 Webster]

Syn. -- Morass; marsh; bog; swamp; fen; slough.
[1913 Webster]





} (?), n. [Abbrev. fr. Narragansett Indian poquahock.] (Zol.) An American market clam (Venus mercenaria). It is sold in large quantities, and is highly valued as food. Called also round clam, and hard clam.
[1913 Webster]

The name is also applied to other allied species, as Venus Mortoni of the Gulf of Mexico.
[1913 Webster]





} (?), n. [Gael. cuach. Cf. Quaff.] A small shallow cup or drinking vessel. [Scot.]
[Written also quegh.]

[1913 Webster]


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