(?), n. [LL. patina, patena, fr. L. patina, patena, a pan; cf. L. patere to be open, E. patent, and Gr. pata`nh a kind of flat dish: cf. F. patne. Cf. Patina.] 1. A plate. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

2. (Eccl.) The place on which the consecrated bread is placed in the Eucharist, or on which the host is placed during the Mass. It is usually small, and formed as to fit the chalice, or cup, as a cover.
[1913 Webster]

[Written also patin, patine.]

[1913 Webster]


(?), n. [LL.] (Eccl.) A paten.
[1913 Webster]


(?), n. [Cf. Pg. patena a paten.] A grassy expanse in the hill region of Ceylon.
[1913 Webster]


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