(?), a. [F., p. pr. of passer. See Pass, v. i.] 1. Passing from one to another; in circulation; current. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Many opinions are passant.
Sir T. Browne.
[1913 Webster]

2. Cursry, careless. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

On a passant rewiew of what I wrote to the bishop.
Sir P. Pett.
[1913 Webster]

3. Surpassing; excelling. [Obs.] Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

4. (Her.) Walking; -- said of any animal on an escutcheon, which is represented as walking with the dexter paw raised.
[1913 Webster]





, masc.


, fem. } (p*s), a. [F.] Past; gone by; hence, past one's prime; worn; faded; as, a passe belle. Ld. Lytton.
[1913 Webster]

2. Same as old-fashioned, a., 2.
Syn. -- antique, demode, old-fashioned, old-hat(predicate), outmoded, out-of-date, out of fashion(predicate), out of style(predicate), passe.
[WordNet 1.5]

3. Past; -- used appositively; as, time passe.


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