(?), n.;
pl. Nativies (#).
[F. nativit, L. nativitas. See Native, and cf. Navet.] 1. The coming into life or into the world; birth; also, the circumstances attending birth, as time, place, manner, etc. Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

I have served him from the hour of my nativity.
[1913 Webster]

Thou hast left . . . the land of thy nativity.
Ruth ii. 11.
[1913 Webster]

These in their dark nativity the deep
Shall yield us, pregnant with infernal flame.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Fine Arts) (capitalized) A picture representing or symbolizing the early infancy of Christ. The simplest form is the babe in a rude cradle, and the heads of an ox and an ass to express the stable in which he was born.
[1913 Webster]

3. (Astrol.) A representation of the positions of the heavenly bodies as the moment of one's birth, supposed to indicate one's future destinies; a horoscope.
[1913 Webster]

The Nativity, the birth or birthday of Christ; Christmas day. -- To cast one's nativity or To calculate one's nativity (Astrol.), to find out and represent the position of the heavenly bodies at the time of one's birth.
[1913 Webster]


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