(hrd"wr`mn), n.;
pl. Hardwaremen (hrd"wr`mn).
One who makes, or deals in, hardware.
[1913 Webster]



hard" wired"

(hrd"wrd"), a. 1. (Computers) Contained within the circuitry of a computer or computer peripheral device, and not changeable by programming; -- of functions; as, error correction is hard-wired into the circuit of the disk drive, so it proceeds very rapidly.

2. Connected by a continuous electrical wire, rather than through a switch; as, the air-conditioner was hard-wired into the wall circuit, so moving it would require an electrician.

3. (Metaph.) Performed by an inborn pattern of neural circuits; instinctive; not learned; as, many bird songs are hard-wired, but some are learned.

People, as the cybernetic metaphor now has it, are "hard wired" to do good in order to enhance their own happiness.
Andrew Delbanco (New York Times Magazine, May 7, 2000; p. 46).


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