(k?r`?-f?"?s), n.;
pl. E. Corypheuses (-z), L. Coryphei (-f").
[L. coryphaeus, fr. Gr. , fr. koryfh` head.] (Gr. Antiq.) The conductor, chief, or leader of the dramatic chorus; hence, the chief or leader of a party or interest.
[1913 Webster]

That noted corypheus [Dr. John Owen] of the Independent faction.
[1913 Webster]


(k?-r?f"?-d?n), n. [Gr. koryfh` head, peak + 'odoy`s, 'odo`ntos, tooth.] (Paleon.) A genus of extinct mammals from the eocene tertiary of Europe and America. Its species varied in size between the tapir and rhinoceros, and were allied to those animals, but had short, plantigrade, five-toed feet, like the elephant.
[1913 Webster]


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