(), n. Same as Bothy. [Scot.]
[1913 Webster]





(), } a. Of or pertaining to Bothnia, a country of northern Europe, or to a gulf of the same name which forms the northern part of the Baltic sea.
[1913 Webster]


(), n. [Gr. pit + something poured in. Formed like parenchyma.] (Bot.) Dotted or pitted ducts or vessels forming the pores seen in many kinds of wood.
[1913 Webster]





} () n.;
pl. -ies ()
[Scottish. Cf. Booth.] A wooden hut or humble cot, esp. a rude hut or barrack for unmarried farm servants; a shepherd's or hunter's hut; a booth. [Scot.]
[1913 Webster]


(), n. pl. [Pg. botoque stopple. So called because they wear a wooden plug in the pierced lower lip.] A Brazilian tribe of Indians, noted for their use of poisons; -- also called Aymbors.
[1913 Webster]


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