(), prep. [OE. betwix, bitwix, rarely bitwixt, AS. betweox, betweohs, betweoh, betwh; pref. be- by + a form fr. AS. tw two. See Between.]
[1913 Webster]

1. In the space which separates; between.
[1913 Webster]

From betwixt two aged oaks.
[1913 Webster]

2. From one to another of; mutually affecting.
[1913 Webster]

There was some speech of marriage
Betwixt myself and her.
[1913 Webster]

Betwixt and between, in a midway position; so-so; neither one thing nor the other. [Colloq.]
[1913 Webster]


(), n. [F., fr. beurre butter.] (Bot.) A beurr (or buttery) pear, one with the meat soft and melting; -- used with a distinguishing word; as, Beurr d'Anjou; Beurr Clairgeau.
[1913 Webster]


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